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Kearney's Comprehensive Plan

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Planning Advisory Committee

The Planning Advisory Committee (PAC) has been created to provide a forum for representative citizens to provide their input to the planning process. The PAC will consist of 15-20 community leaders of varied backgrounds who will meet several times during the course of the process. The PAC will serve as the voice of the community throughout the development of the Comp Plan, providing input on factors, which affect public acceptability, site utilization concepts, and land use.

PAC Roster

  • Kathy Barger
  • Jeff Couchman
  • Chip Glennon
  • Jim Hedrick
  • David Hinck
  • Debbie Holt
  • Marion Hood
  • Kristi Mayo
  • Steve McDonald
  • Ken Meinert
  • Paula Noble
  • Dennis Shanks
  • Lissi Staab

Meeting Materials

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