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Kearney's Comprehensive Plan

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A "New Direction" has emerged for Kearney!

The City of Kearney has embarking on an extensive effort to involve Kearney residents in developing its Comprehensive Plan – a Plan that will guide the City’s future for years to come.

Were you one of them? If not, it’s not too late. Your involvement is key to developing a Plan that best reflects Kearney’s’ values and priorities. Now is the time to shape the city’s growth for the next couple of decades.

Did You Miss Public Workshop #3 on September 14th?
Take the Survey!

The 80% draft Kearney Comprehensive Plan is available for review. The draft reflects input from the community and Planning Advisory Committee on how to guide growth and change in Kearney over the next 20 years. The materials presented at the Public Workshop on September 14th are incorporated here and represent an executive summary of the draft Plan.

Have You Read The 80% Draft Plan? If not....

  • Reading the full document at: here.
  • Short on time, read the summary materials as part of this survey.
  • Or, review the Public Workshop Presentation at: Here.

Start the survey now!
To view the survey properly, open in Google Chrome. If your default browser is Internet Explorer it will work. However, your viewing experience will not be optimal.

Thanks to everyone for attending Public Workshop #3:
This workshop asked participants to provide feedback on the 80% draft Comprehensive Plan. The workshop provided an opportunity for community members to review draft Plan elements at their own pace as well as discuss materials and provide input to the planning team. This draft “New Direction” provides a visual snapshot of what the future might hold for Kearney as it works toward managing its growth wisely. It is not a forecast or prediction, but in fact, is a guide for managing change to fit the values and desires of the Kearney community. The impact of this Plan will be significant and far-reaching. It will help us create strong neighborhoods, give us better transportation choices, ensure quality of life for all citizens, enhance a thriving economy and create a safe place for our children to grow and learn.

Thank you to everyone for attending the "Shape Your Family's Future" Public Workshop #2!
This workshop asked participants to provide feedback on three "What if Scenarios". Where we should locate new jobs, homes, and open space; "how" and "where" the City of Kearney should grow; and which scenario elements will make Kearney a better place to live, not just bigger?

Each was illustrated in a "workbook" with its’ own map and story to tell for the future of Kearney. Each showed a different way Kearney could absorb more people, implement different land use patterns, provide mobility options, and manage change over time.

What makes one scenario better than another? To help participants compare scenarios, each of the three "What If Scenarios" had its own set of "indicators" for things like acres of land developed or quality of life issues. Participants were asked to evaluate elements of each scenario using a list of 7 qualitative criteria. The workshop results will inform the development of a final Preferred Future Growth Scenario for Kearney. It will combine the best aspects of the different scenarios.
See the results on the "Downloads" page.

Thank you to everyone for attending the "Big Ideas" Public Workshop #1!
We had great discussion with and participation from those who attended about the future of Kearney. Participants were asked to tap into their creative energy to give Kearney their ideas by asking: What do you think makes Kearney what it is? What are our strongest community assets? What challenges concern you the most, and how should we face them as a community? What is YOUR vision for Kearney 2030 and beyond? The results will inform upcoming stages of the planning process.

See the results on the "Downloads" page.

The community survey results are in!
The community survey will inform upcoming stages of the planning process. The following are a few select highlights:
Twenty-six total questions were asked. The following are a few select highlights:

  • Over 73% of respondents were residents.
  • Over 53% of respondents have lived in Kearney over 10 years.
  • 63% believe that Kearney has experienced a good rate of residential growth.
  • 91% said they value... "The strong sense of community, collaborative spirit and small town values."
  • 94% believe the efficient movement of traffic should be a priority for the future.
  • 43% felt that future growth should be less than the current rate of growth.
  • Respondents identified 4 key issues that must be addressed to maintain quality of life:
    Maintain the quality of roads
    Manage traffic congestion & parking
    Attract new and different businesses, retail & housing
    Retain Kearney's "sense of community"
To view a copy of the Survey Summary go to the "Downloads" page.

What we heard you say!
The stakeholder interviews consisted of citizens and civic leaders with diverse backgrounds and perspectives, who have a big picture attitude about Kearney. The results will inform upcoming stages of the planning process. To view a detailed summary of each Group, go to the "Downloads" page.

Learn about Kearney’s existing conditions.
A first step with any planning process is determining “where are we now?” The Snapshot Summary establishes a foundation of facts about the City of Kearney. It is not an exhaustive inventory; rather, it focuses on data that will help inform the overall Comprehensive Plan. To view a copy of the Snapshot go to the "Downloads" page.


Project Contact

For more information, contact:
Name: David Pavlich
Phone: 816-903-4731

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