City of Kearney, MO


Municipal Court Overview
The Municipal Court of the City of Kearney is a subdivision of the 7th Judicial Circuit Court, located in Clay County, Missouri. It acts as the Court of Original Jurisdiction in all cases involving violations against the ordinances of the City of Kearney, Missouri.

The Municipal Court and the Court Office are located inside Kearney City Hall, 100 E. Washington St, Kearney, MO at the northeast corner of the intersection of Washington St and Jefferson St (33 Hwy).

Municipal Court Clerk’s Office Hours: 
Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Court Staff:

  • Municipal Judge: Judge Brian Klopfenstein
  • Prosecutor: Matthew Thompson
  • Court AdministratorLinda Herrera


Contact Information:
Kearney Municipal Court
100 East Washington Street
P.O. Box 797
Kearney, Missouri 64060
Phone: (816) 628-5535
Fax: (816) 628-4543

You may view the information about your case(s) and pay your court fines and costs (if the charge is listed on the fine schedule) on 

The  Fine Schedule for Municipal Offenses and Your Rights in Municipal Division Courts  (en español) are attached.

*** The Fine Schedule for Municipal Offenses does not include the court costs. The court costs will be added to the fine listed on the fine schedule when you make a payment. The Kearney Municipal Court Costs are $35.50 per charge. ***

The Plead and Pay icon on is:
Plead & Pay

  • In person - cash, check, money orders and cashier’s checks are accepted forms of payment at the Court Clerk’s Office and during Court sessions. (No debit or credit cards)
  • By mail - checks, money orders and cashier’s checks are accepted forms of payment by mail. Please do not mail cash.
  • Pay-by-phone - is not offered at this time.
  • Online - debit/credit cards and electronic checks are accepted forms of payment at which is available 24/7. There is a non-refundable fee charged when using this service. 

 If you use a credit/debit card for Plead and Pay or Pay By Web, a convenience fee will be assessed based on the amount of the transaction.
There is a .50 cent flat rate when payment is made by electronic check.

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