City of Kearney, MO


TO the Qualified Voters of the City of Kearney, Missouri:

In accordance with Chapter 115 of the Laws of Missouri, notice is hereby given that the annual election for the City of Kearney,  Missouri, will be held on Tuesday,  April 5, 2022, beginning at six o'clock a.m. and closing at seven o'clock p.m., to vote on the following offices:

  • WARD 1: To elect an ALDERMAN to serve a term of two years.
  • WARD 2: To elect an ALDERMAN to serve a term of two years.

Candidates for said offices may file on or after 8 a.m., Tuesday,  December 7, 2021  in the office of the City Clerk at City Hall.  Deadline for filing is 5:00 p.m., Tuesday,  December 28, 2021.

QUALIFICATIONS FOR ALDERMAN No person shall be an Alderman unless he/she be at least eighteen (18) years of age, a citizen of the United States, and an inhabitant and resident of the City for one (1) year next preceding his/her election, and a resident, at the time he/she files and during the time he/she serves, of the ward from which he/she is elected.

All officers elected to offices shall be voters under the laws and Constitution of this State and the ordinances of the City except that appointed officers need not be voters of the City. No person shall be elected or appointed to any office who shall at the time be in arrears for any unpaid City taxes or forfeiture or defalcation in office. (79.250. RSMo)

Candidates must declare they have no outstanding campaign disclosure reports due from any prior elections; that they have not been found guilty of, nor pled guilty, to a felony or misdemeanor under the federal laws of the United States of America; and they have not been convicted of, or found guilty of ,or pled guilty, to a felony under the laws of Missouri.

Additional filing information at Kearney City Hall, 100 East Washington Street, Annette Davis, (816) 903 4727

Jim Eldridge
City of Kearney, Missouri

Completion of the following three forms (2022 Candidate Filing Forms) is required in filing for office:

  • Candidate Filing Form (Clay County Board of Commissioners).
  • Form 5120 MoDOR Candidate's Affidavit of Tax Payments (must be filed with Missouri Department of Revenue and Accompany the Declaration of Candidacy Form)
  • Notice to Candidate (Missouri Ethics Commission).

Campaign Material Identification Brochure ("Paid for" Brochure) pdf

Missouri Ethics Guide 2022 (Plain English Summary) pdf

Missouri Ethics Commission Training web site:

Ward Boundaries Map, Pursuant to Ord 1473-21, ADOPTED 9-7-2021, Boundary Revision Based on 2020 CENSUS
Ordinance No. 1473-21, Adopted 9-7-2021