City of Kearney, MO

It’s that time of year once again. Time to dust off the Christmas lights and decorations, and decorate a tree in Jesse James Park! The city will provide the tree and electricity, and you provide the lights, extension cords, decorations, and most of all: your creativity!

No reservations are needed. Just pick out a tree along the trail in Jesse James Park and decorate it (Starting Friday, Nov. 19th)! We ask that you put a sign in front of your tree, so everyone can see who decorated it. We will turn the lights on after Thanksgiving. Please take your decorations down promptly after January 1st. Decorations left up after January 14th will be discarded.

Lastly, we encourage you to attend Kearney's Magical Night on December 10th from 6:00 - 9:00 PM, featuring a lighted parade, a visit from Santa, and much more at the Firehouse. More info here: