City of Kearney, MO

Yatsook Named Kearney’s First In-House Economic Development Director

 May 18, 2023 – Kearney, Mo. – The City of Kearney has selected Carolyn Yatsook as its new in-house economic development director. Yatsook brings her broad-based knowledge and practical experience in economic development initiatives and will serve as a resource to existing businesses and the development community.

 “I am honored to have been chosen to lead the City of Kearney in achieving the Board of Aldermen’s goals and objectives as it relates to business retention, expansion and attraction. I look forward to working with community leaders and partners towards promoting Kearney as the city of choice for new development.” said Yatsook.

Yatsook previously worked for the City of Belton, beginning her employment in 2007 in water services and finance. She transitioned to economic development in 2014 and became the Director in 2017. Under her leadership there was strong success in commercial development and significant accomplishments in industrial development, which led to the diversification of the employment base. Recognizing her substantial contributions, the Missouri Economic Development Council (MEDC) named her as its 2021 Professional Economic Developer of the Year.

“Carolyn’s track record is impressive.  I am excited to work with her, as she understands my priorities and vision for our community.  We are in good hands with Carolyn at the helm of Economic Development.  This is truly an exciting step forward for Kearney.”  Said Mayor Randy Pogue. City administrator, Sheila Ernzen added “The City of Kearney is optimistic that this new strategy of an in-house economic development director will assist in our efforts to diversify our economy and expand our tax base. We welcome Carolyn to the City of Kearney. “

Yatsook is a graduate of the University of Kansas and the University of Oklahoma’s Economic Development Institute. Yatsook is a member of the Missouri Economic Development Council (MEDC). MEDC is the statewide association advocating for economic growth in Missouri.