City of Kearney, MO

Fall Bulky Trash Pickup will be October 2 - October 5!
You can find your pickup day by entering your address into our interactive map -
Each household is allowed to place up to 4 yards of bulky trash items at the curb for pickup by 7am on their pickup day.
Accepted Items
• Furniture.
• Washing machines and dryers.
• Lawnmowers, which must be empty of any fuel or oil.
• Barbeque grills WITHOUT propane tanks.
• Carpeting, up to four-foot-long rolls that are securely tied, weighing less than 40lbs. Two rolls
count as one item.
• Mattresses and box springs.
• Wood must be bundled in 4-foot lengths, with each bundle weighing less than 40lbs.
• Misc Debris – must be in bags that are no bigger than 39 gallons and weigh no more than
40lbs...2 bags equal 1 item.
Not Accepted Items
• White Goods/Appliances – whether freon has been drained or not, Missouri Law prohibits white goods/appliances in MO landfills.
• Hazardous Waste: flammable, corrosive, explosive, toxic, or radioactive materials, including engine oil, fuel tanks, paint, fluorescent light bulbs, etc.
• Automotive batteries
• Tires
• Compressed gas cylinders
• Riding lawnmowers.
• Glass panels where any dimension exceeds four feet
• Yard Waste, Brush, or tree limbs.
• Rocks, bricks, or concrete
• Latex or oil-based paint.
• Fertilizer, pesticide, solvent.
• Construction material larger than 4x4, roofing material, loose flooring materials, or railroad ties.
• Liquid waste.
• Solid waste and recycling materials that are collected as part of regular service.
• Any waste or material that is prohibited from being received, managed, or disposed of at a